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Mobile phone data recovery Australia

We understand the urgency of phone data loss

Mobile phone and android phone data recoveryIf your phone no longer works because you have dropped or accidentally submersed it, we can help you recover the files, images and data. Mobile and android data recovery includes the analysis of hardware, the logic system and file archive. CBL Data Recovery are uniquely placed as one of the very few companies in Australia to offer the services of technicians who are certified to provide complex JTAG extraction methods, chip off procedures and ISP methods.

With almost 75% of the population using mobile devices for communication, searches and document storage, it may come as no surprise that data recovery has become an even more crucial part of our everyday lives. With many mobile devices and the need for portability, mobile phone data forms a large part of data loss today.

With damage to devices ranging from water damage to physically broken, mobile devices, because of their compact size present a more complex set of recovery procedures. Even in the most extreme cases of destruction there are greater possibilities of recovering information stored on your mobile device.

Fortunately, for many of our customers, we have made data recovery more affordable whilst still applying the same high levels of service and care of your device.

We utilize the most up to date methods to recover data stored on mobile phones, tablets, Apple ipads, Android devices, windows phones and smart phones.

If you are trying to retrieve lost/deleted pictures, videos, text messages, emails, app data, etc CBL Data Recovery is your best chance at a successful recovery.

Our technicians can help with the following mobile phone problems:

  • Your mobile has suffered an impact or has been dropped
  • You have accidentally deleted data from your mobile device
  • Stuck in boot loop, download or recovery mode
  • The mobile device will not power on
  • Your device has a smashed screen
  • Your mobile will not charge.
  • Your mobile has been immersed in liquid or has had liquid spilled on it.
  • PIN/Passcode Removal*

*Pin or password recovery for mobiles will require a form of photo identity to be presented with the phone.

Why choose CBL Data Recovery?

As a worldwide leader in hard disk data recovery services, CBL is able to recover data from hard disk drives where most companies in our industry have failed. Our hard drive recovery specialists are truly data recovery experts, with the necessary tools and proven in-depth knowledge of hard-disk technologies to ensure your data is recovered successfully.

CBL data recovery methods are warranty safe and recommended by leading manufacturers including Western Digital, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Maxtor, and more. Rest assured, if you are in need of hard disk recovery services, you have found the right place. CBL can help.

Our mobile phone data recovery process

Our prices are fixed so you know from the very beginning how much it will cost.

CBL Data Recovery – 2 stage pricing

1. We start the recovery process as soon as we receive your device

Damaged, malfunction or no power: $250.00
Water damaged: $140

  • Book your device in and pay the recovery start fee.
  • Post or deliver your phone to our Australian CBL laboratory (postage details will be emailed to you)
  • Our technicians will test and analyse your phone and start the recovery process
  • We will call you to discuss data recovery options

2. Successful Data Recovery

  • The standard price of successful recovery is $280. Your data will be written to a new USB drive (up to 64Gb) and will be sent to your preferred address.

If you require the return of your mobile phone, we will post or deliver. Alternatively, your phone can be recycled or environmentally destroyed.

Our online data recovery system will provide you with a job reference number for tracking purposes along with shipping instructions for your media. Start by clicking on the Book button right on this page, paying your ‘test and analysis’ fee and further instructions will be emailed to you.

Start the Data Recovery Process today!


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