USB Drive Data Recovery Pricing


*If your loss of data requires immediate attention, then click on the Priority Button to select this service. This ensures your drive is placed at the top of the recovery service schedule. Please note, the priority option fee is not included in the total cost above.
Please note: Following the receipt of your device, we will perform extensive testing to recover the data.
Upon successful recovery, your data will be written to a new USB drive.

USB Data Recovery Services Are A Phone Call Away

To Speak With A USB Data Recovery Specialist Call Us Today At: 1.800.473.268

USB drives are becoming more and more popular as the cost for large amounts of data storage continues to drop. Unfortunately, for many people using USB disk drives can lead to significant data loss situations due to mechanical drive failure or human error. USB drives are terrific tools for data transfer, but are also quite fragile by design. However, should you need professional data recovery for a USB or digital media device, we have the tools, the expertise and the technology to help recovery your vital data and get your files back in your hands.

Common Data Recovery Problems For USB Drives:

  • Overwritten Photo Files
  • Inaccessible Digital Photos
  • Accidental Deletion & Human Error
  • Virus Contamination
  • Deleted Documents & Spreadsheets
  • Deleted or Corrupt Presentations
  • Incomplete Files and Documents
  • File Compatibility Errors
  • Mechanical Drive Failure
  • Disk Reformatting
  • Corrupt or Damaged Files

For Data Recovery Support: 1800 473 268
Start The Hard Drive Recovery Process

Starting The USB Data Recovery Process

Begin the CBL data recovery process by filling out our online data recovery form or simply call us toll-free at 1800 473 268 to speak to one of our customer care professionals. Your CBL customer care professional will ask you a series of questions to determine the cause of your data loss situation and will guide you through the recovery process.

Depending on the level of service you require, your data could be recovered in as little as 24 hours.

CBL do not offer bogus ‘free quotes’ or ‘free evaluations’. Our prices are fixed so you know from the very beginning how much it will cost. If we are successful, we will let you know and the cost is $100.00 for us to retrieve and post your data to you.

Once your data is recovered it is taken through a strict quality control process to ensure the data is in a usable format.

Your data will be returned to you on the media of your choice. In most cases, DVDs are utilized as your destination media, while hard disk drives are available if needed. In some cases, CBL can send data back online via FTP transfer. This allows you to download data from our servers quickly and securely.

In the unfortunate situation where no data is recoverable, we can return your device to you or dispose of it free of charge.

To arrange shipment of your USB drive or thumb drive, please review our shipping instructions. Our online data recovery system will provide you with a job reference number for tracking purposes along with shipping instructions for your media.

So, lets get started!

  1. Pay the recovery Assessment Fee
  2. Post your device to our data recovery lab
  3. Our techs will attempt to recover your data
  4. If successful you are called to organise the retrieval and delivery fee ($100)
  5. You choose how you would like to receive your recovered data! ($44 for a new USB drive or $99.50 for cloud storage)

Call us right now to begin the USB data recovery process at 1800 473 268. We are here to help.

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