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The back-up clash: cloud vs external hard drive

With the days of having a locked filing cabinet to store all your important data now long gone, your modern-day options are the cloud and external hard drives. But, how can you know which is the right choice? Both have pros and cons and both involve some cost and risk. We’ve broken down some key … Continued

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Helium Drive, the next revolution in data storage

The world of technology is advancing all the time. Sometimes things move quickly and your new gadget is out of date before you’ve barely gotten used to it! In the world of hard drives, things don’t tend to move so quickly. But, there’s a recent development that has already revolutionised the large-scale data storage market, … Continued

Protect Your Data Assets: Storing & Recovering Data Can be Challenging for an SMB, But Not Impossible

Way back in the olden days, around 10 or 20 years ago, data storage consisted of long hallways or big rooms filled with filing cabinets that held reams of paper behind their gray exteriors. When the so-called paperless revolution came, it seemed that the consumption of paper didn’t decline much as people printed out e-mails … Continued