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CBL Data Recovery Sydney

Hard disk failure is a very stressful experience. At CBL Data Recovery Sydney we understand the dilemma of data loss. If your drive is about to fail you may be fortunate to get tell-tale signs such as a ticking sound or what sounds like a light tapping noise, other times it may fail without any warning signals or sounds. Either way, if you do not have a back up drive or cloud service, data can be lost permanently.

Failures without any warning cause a sudden realisation that you have not made any recent backup or worse still, any backup at all. Whether it is company accounts, a presentation, family photos or records, your first response is ‘What do I do now?’

Well do not panic. Decisions made under duress never usually go as planned. Your first decision should be to call a company that handles this kind of work professionally. By calling, a recognized expert, you will be offered the right advice and a guide to how you can best get your data back. The most important thing is get your data back.

So why is important to have a professional company recover your data?

CBL Data Recovery Sydney only specialise in data recovery. You may be tempted to ask a friend, take the drive to a local computer technician, or even ‘have a go’ yourself. Whichever way you look at it, you want your data back. Using free software may recover some data, but the chances are, the software will stop a drive from being fully recoverable.
If your drive has failed because of a technical or hardware problem, forget doing it yourself. Under any circumstances do not take it to a computer shop, or let a friend fix it. Once you have seperated the hard drive case, your drive will be on a limited lifespan. Probably only enough time to do the recovery. Repairing a hard drive is specialised. Not even the manufacturers want you to take these things apart. If you do not have a clean room, anti-static equipment, a dust free environment, you do not want to delve into the inner workings of a hard drive.

We’ve recovered 1000’s of failed drives, and invested many thousands of $’s in data recovery equipment. When you choose any company to provide a service, you will definately want to know how good they are and what their track record is. The same goes for data recovery,  ask the company what equipment they are going to use to recover your data, photographs or files.

Call CBL Sydney Data Recovery office a call and have a chat with a data recovery specialist who can offer you some sound and honest advice and can confirm the pricing.

When it comes to hard drive recovery, a manufacturer will not be held responsible for the loss of data on the drive. When a failure of your hard drive causes your PC to stop working, a hard drive manufacturers liability only covers replacement (under warranty).

Hard drive failures are relatively common and when you consider a drive that is still in use after 5 years of heat, mechanical use, dust and spinning at 7200rpm, you may not find a failure too surprising.

CBL Data Recovery Sydney has the experience and technology to help you recover your data. We operate on an honest and open policy for our services and our technicians will only advise you of the most efficient, secure and economic way to resolve the issues of hard drive failure and subsequent data recovery.

CBL Data Recovery Sydney – Data Recovery for Desktop or Laptop Hard Drives

Hard drives, in the main, follow the very similar design and operating principles, however, each drive must be assessed for the optimum methods of data retrieval.

At CBL Sydney, we successfully manage recovery of data from failed hard drives that broadly fall into any of the following categories:

  • Cyclical redundancy errors;
  • Unreadable sectors;
  • Circuit board damage;
  • Other drive component damage;
  • Physically damaged head assemblies;
  • Motor failures and seizures;
  • Firmware corruption;
  • Minor surface damage to platter surfaces;

Though hard disk drives have never been designed to be repaired, and there are no industry specific manuals for repairs, CBL Data Recovery Sydney has spent considerable time studying the construction, technology and known issues of each and every make & model that require repair and consequent data recovery.

CBL Data Recovery provide a warranty safe service and have been recommended by leading hard drive manufacturers including Western Digital, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Samsung, Hitachi and others.

CBL is dedicated to providing the best data recovery service with the most experienced and qualified technicians. We are determined to offer a prompt, high level of customer care and the most competitive pricing in the Australian data recovery marketplace.

Choosing the right data recovery company from the start is important as often there isn’t a second chance to recover lost data.